Brandon H. California

Gun Control

Firearms are way too easy to obtain these days, and we need something that can help control the firearms.

Dear Future President of America,

How easy is it to get a firearm in America? Very easy. Guns are the source of the violence in America and it needs to be under control. Guns need to be controlled because of how easily criminals can get a firearm nowadays. People also may feel safer if their is a strict control on firearms. Guns need to be controlled because of how easily criminals can get one. There should be a more in depth background check. Did you know that America’s gun violence is 25x more than the average of other developed countries? And that’s only the violence on guns. Guns are so out of control that I’ve heard some of my family friends parents consider moving to a different country because of gun violence. Stores that sell firearms should have a very indebt background check on whoever is buying the gun. And if they even have a criminal record, they should NOT be able to buy a firearm. About 3 million people have been denied from wanting of buying a gun. Just think of if they were able to get their hands on a gun. The percentage of deaths from guns would go through the roof! Some people may think that the 2nd amendment grants them the right to bear arms, but many people are abusing that right. According to “” about 91 people die daily in America from guns. So to lower that number, America needs to have a stricter control on firearms. Given these points, America should have a stricter control on guns, so we don’t let gun violence get out of hand.

Thank you,

Brandon Huang


“Gun Violence by the Numbers.” Every Town Research. 2014. Oct 5, 2016 

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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