Nate G. Washington

Candidate Letter

Gun Control

Dear Future President

There should be a bigger process of owning a gun and what type of guns that you can own. Like a pistol should be ok to own but an assault rifle shouldn’t really be necessary to own. You should only really be able to own a hand gun/pistol because you would think it would be as effective as an assault rifle or something and guns are just to protect you they really shouldn’t be used all the time.How this is a big issue is that they have been used in mass shootings that have killed children and adults. Buyers that you get the guns from should really only sell hand guns and not bigger weapons than that.

In conclusion there should be a limit of how many guns that you can own and what types of guns that you can own. Also what people you can buy the guns from and who can sell the guns. That is what I think should happen with gun control. I hope for the future for Gun Control to be more safe and controlled.

From, Nate