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College Athletes Should Be Paid

College athletes earn money for their school. Also, they have to still do schooling and pay for their schooling, so they should be paid.

Dear Future President, 

The issue is deciding whether or not college athletes should be paid. 56% of college athletes in Division 1 have scholarships, 61% for Division 2, and 81% for Division 3 (Caleb C.,  1). The college athletes are affected and the schools that they go to because then the athletes would get paid and the schools would have to pay them. I believe that paying college athletes should be the priority of our future president because it would help pay for schooling of the athletes.

I feel that athletes should be paid to play sports for their college. They should be paid because they play for their college and it costs money for people to go watch them play, so they should get some of that money in return. They dedicate their lives to being a great player, only to get nothing in return but to make their school money (Makyle, Page 1). It matters because they can pay for their schooling. After that, another reason that they should be paid is that they could help their families with money and pay their rent for their homes and dorms that they stay in while in college. Out of all the money they produce for their schools they get 0% of this. Personally I think that this is unfair ( page 1 Owen w). They work so hard for nothing.

The other side of the argument is not to pay the student athletes. They already get scholarships, they don't need to be paid. 56% of college athletes in Division 1 have scholarships, 61% for division 2, and 81% for division 3 ( page 1 Caleb c). It matters because so many get scholarships they shouldn't be paid. That is why they should not get paid.

The president should pay the student athletes to resolve the issue. The Global Goal is No Poverty. The US would help the UN by doing this because then there would be less poverty in America for them to worry about. The priority of the next president should be to get rid of poverty. 

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It shows that this issue is a hot topic.

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