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The U.S. must consider investing time into the national infrastructure for the future.

Dear future President,

The greatest regret we as Americans will have in coming years will be our unwillingness to change, and our complacency with what we have created in the past 200 years. Innovation has always been a hallmark of American society, and the time has come where we must put this innovative country of ours to the test. We must rebuild the national infrastructure.

Rebuilding the infrastructure sounds like a broad and daunting task, especially when you consider the last time we rebuilt our infrastructure was over 50 years ago, and this fact has become very apparent recently. The Flint Michigan water crisis, the collapse of the 35w bridge, and the Indiana blackouts in 2012 are all frightening examples of how our infrastructure has failed us in the recent years. The result of these failures and our outdated infrastructure have given us an Infrastructure report card rating of a D+ and will need an investment of 3.6 trillion dollars in order to fix it, according to the report card for America's infrastructure. 

The richest country in the world can only manage a D+? When did we stop taking pride in the up keep of this great country of ours. Something has to be done in the next four years to address this issue and the President has the power to make that happen. Franklin Delano Roosevelt aided in building much of the national infrastructure through WPA programs he helped create in his term as president. Along with helping rebuild the infrastructure the WPA provided jobs for many unemployed Americans. A similar effort would not take 3.6 trillion dollars, only a dedicated workforce and funding from the federal Government. Even if the effort starts small any investment in America’s infrastructure will help start the ball rolling to address this issue and create a better future for our country.

In short rebuilding the American infrastructure will be a daunting task that probably will not be fixed in the next four years, but that does not mean we cannot start trying to fix it as soon possible.



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