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Helping out poverty

Poverty has been going around all around the world. The United Kingdom is trying to improve their ways to put a stop to poverty.

October 7, 2016

Dear Next President

Today we all live in a world where we are surrounding by those who are in need of a better life and those who need help financially. The issue today that needs to improve throughout this generation so that it can be prevented in the next generation would be stopping poverty and putting an end to it. With so much money the people, government, employers and local authorities have I imagine it possible that number of people living in poverty can be decreased or eventually be put to an end. I believe everybody in this world should live happy and be pleased with they have and what they live with. Yet not everybody pleased with the way they live. Those funding p’rograms and companies that help those who are in need are decreasing the number of people battling poverty but are they doing enough to put an end?. If poverty is put to an end this can prevent it from happening in the upcoming generation

In the article “UK Government”, the United Kingdom’s government, councils and businesses are working together to put out programs so that it can put an end to poverty. Although they’re trying to provide the one’s in need with resources it is not enough. According the article, their government is determined to end poverty and stop it so that they could prevent it from passing from one generation to the next. The government is trying their best to decrease numbers and also give children a route out of poverty . There are children who don’t have any education nor things they need in order to live a happy life. Families are out there suffering with little food, clothes, and a place to live. It’s time that the public, employers, local authorities, and other delivery organisations step up and actually put an end to this problem.

The United Kingdom government had set up a poverty unit that was formed in October 2007. The unit made sure that they approach to tackling child poverty in efficient way. This program is supposed to provide resources to those who are in need of clothes, education, food and a nice place to live. They make things much cheaper and affordable so that the people who are in need get it without paying as much money.

Their plan is to help those who go through poverty and to decrease the number of children who live in poverty, To also improve the programs and come up with efficient ones that will end poverty and decrease number. In order for this becoming into a disaster the next president should put a stop to all of this. The president should set up programs that could help out those people who are going through poverty. Also those programs should benefit the people in a huge way by providing them the things they need and even make things much affordable. By this happening the world can become a better place and everyone can live happy. A end needs to come to poverty.


Kile Gonzalez

Henry Sibley High School


American Lit.

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