Emily R. Minnesota

Gun Control

The 2nd amendment should be altered.

The 2nd amendment was made back during the American Revolution, at that time there was an imminent threat of the British coming to people's homes and attacking them. Today that is not the case. In most places around the United States, it is quite rare for someone to come to your house or on the streets and assaulting you. The cases of a person carrying a concealed weapon stopping a crime is less than 1%. If a crime is stopped by a person, they are most likely not using a concealed weapon to do it. However, I do understand how people can feel the need to own a gun. In some places they might actually need it for protection, or they use it for hunting. That is why I don't think that no one should own a gun, instead there should be more regulations for owning guns. Automatic weapons should ,however, not be able to be given to the average citizen that wants to own a gun. In many states it is quite easy to obtain a gun. It can be as simple as taking a test with questions like, "Is it okay to shoot an unarmed civilian without an imminent threat towards you?", or it could be just taking a one hour safety course. Those are not the proper regulations that should be taken when on the subject of guns. Guns don't kill people, but people kill people, and to prevent the wrong people from getting their hands on a gun the 2nd amendment needs to be fixed. There needs to be proper regulations and background checks on the people owning or trying to own a gun.