Katey A. Michigan

School Lunch

There needs to be a limit on the amount of food kids can take at lunch and there needs to be truly healthy choices for kids to eat instead of stuff from a can.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on the new job as the mighty leader of our country. While I would love for this letter to be happy and all about congratulating you on your accomplishment, however, it is not. The United States has many issues that need to be looked at, while some may be really bad and need to be fixed as soon as possible, some are not, but they still need to be looked at. An issue I notice since I am a public high school student is school lunches. Michelle Obama has tried her hardest to make lunches healthy and good for students, but I think it has failed.

School lunches really are not healthy and that is mostly because the food is out of cans or boxes. While the boxes and cans say that the food inside is healthy, it really is not because the can or box could sit there for a while and the food will not not rot but it will not taste as good as fresh food does. Schools should buy actual fruits and vegetables that the cafeteria workers have to really cut of and place out for the students because fresh fruit and vegetables are way better than the fruit and vegetables in cans because they do not have all the gross, unhealthy syrup on them.

Boxed and canned foods may not be the biggest issue. The United States is the ninth most obese country in the entire world. Shouldn’t we be doing something about this? Many children and teens are the ones who are obese and at school they are not getting healthy options. Sitting in the cafeteria I watch as students come out of the line with food but then a good ten minutes later they go back in to get even more. I think that students should be limited to one helping. I get that the school day is long and usually at lunch you are starving but only one serving for each students should be allowed. To even out the issue with only one serving and everyone being hungry, there should be more choices; fruit, vegetables, pasta, and any food that helps fill you up but is also really good to eat.

There is an issue with obesity in the United States and the children are the really bad ones because there is no limit on their food. Instead of just sitting back and hoping everything will fix itself we need to take action and put some guidelines on the foods being served in schools all around the country.



Hanover-Horton High School

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