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Animal Abuse

This letter is about animal abuse world wide and how it is a growing problem that needs to come to an end. Animals are just as important as us and deserve a better life.

Dear next president,

Everyday, every hour, every minute, down to every second some form of animal abuse is performed across the nation. I believe this situation is terrible and needs to be reviewed and action taking to correct this problem. All around us there are helpless animals who are hurt and neglected unnecessarily and many people are unaware this is a problem. Animals deserve a better life and people should think twice about their actions when it comes to caring for an animal. Although we humans use animals for everyday work and enjoy keeping them as pets, they are still mistreated. Animals are abused by using them for lab testing, targets for some people to express their physical anger, and limiting their rights compared to us humans.

Animals should not be used for lab testing. The way scientists use them for testing is considered a form of abuse. Everyone has heard or knows about the popular term “lab rats” which refers to rats that are scientifically used for experimentation. Many do not think much of what this term really means. In labs, not only rats, but several other animals are used as well. People are not aware, but these animals are restricted from living a natural, normal, healthy life because they are held in captivity in laboratories and used for testing which endangers or even kills them. Eric Risberg wrote an article about the animal use in laboratories. In Eric’s article he states, “ It is estimated that more than 100 million animals worldwide are used in experiments each year.” In other words, that means over 100 million animals each year are losing their lives for the sake of research to help humans live longer. This is clearly unfair and considered abuse. In the same article, Eric summarizes how animals have helped provide valuable information that is relevant to humans and are used to screen drugs, cosmetics and other substances before sold to human use. This means animals are very helpful for testing and it allows scientists to learn more. Some people think it is okay to experiment with animals because it helps with testing new products to see if they work before we use them. This means some people believe human lives are more worthy than the lives of the animals. Scientists should look for a new way to test products rather than taking animals from their natural habitat or breeding them to be utilize for testing and never see the outside world. Also, possibly banning animal use in laboratories. We should not take advantage of animals for our own good. Therefore, animals should not be kept in laboratories and experimented on for our research and health advantage.

People and pet owners should not take their negative emotions out on their animals. Many people across the united states (U.S.) own or have at least interacted with an animal at some point in their life. Most of those many have the tendency discipline bad behavior toward animals. And an article titled “crack down on animal abuse.” It states, “teens who hurt animals are generally losers who don't do well in school or in anything else.” This statement means that those who do not feel good about themselves will take it out on their pets to make themselves feel better. There should be no reason to hurt an animal in any way. The same article also stated, “we live in a society where animals and people alike are dependent on each other.” That statement stands out because animals and their owners are supposed to have that bond and when the animals are mistreated, they may lose that trust. Whether it is displayed or not, no animal or pet should be treated with disrespect. Owners should think twice before owning a pet and if they are fit to own one. Animals deserve a better life than to be abused by our actions and emotions. People should go through a test and get a background check before they are able to take home and I have full responsibility of the animal. Therefore, potentially we could assure pet owners would be less likely to take out their anger on their pets.

People should not limit animals rights compared to us humans. Many think that because animals cannot do the things we can or that they are not as smart and have less importance to humans. There are more animals on earth in there as humans, but we still have more power. Just because animals are not like us it does not mean they cannot have as equal rights as us. In an article, Andres Schinkel stated, “for humans being able to use senses, to imagine, think and reason, and human way.” This statement means that us humans can use our senses in many useful ways, that is what makes us so intelligent. For animals, it is the same thing. They use their senses in just different ways which makes them just as important. In the same article, Andres also stated, “animals are entitled to opportunities to engage in characteristic forms of bonding in relationships.” In other words, this is saying animals depend on bonds and relationships just like us humans do. There is really not much of a difference between animals and humans. We both interact with the environment in similar ways and should be allowed equal rights. Therefore, animal should have more rights without humans overpowering them.

In conclusion, animals everywhere are abused by they way they are used for experimentation, targets for humans emotions and known as less important to our society. Changes should be made to allow animals to live a healthier life. One solution, is to ban animals from all laboratories and not be allowed to be used for experimentation. Also, owners should go through a test and a background check allowing animals to be more respected to show their importance to our society.



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