kelly North Carolina

School Lunches

I am going to be talking about school lunches

Dear,Future President

I. Hi my name is Kelly. I go to a school call KMS . I am going to be talking about school lunches.

ll. School lunches at my school are bad. More than 3 million students eat school lunches around the world and I known some of the students complain how bad their school lunches are at their school. Not just that but some people say that school fresh fruits are expensive like Alaska needs more funding to get more food like fresh vegetables and fruits and that why their school don’t have fresh fruits

lll. School lunches in my opinions are bad all they do give the same food from last week and give the same food this week. I know that this is not not the only school that students complain about there food. On average a student gets 20-30 minutes to get through the lunch line, sit down, and eat their food before they are sent back to class expected to perform at a high level for the remainder of the day.

lV. The thing we can do to make the school lunche better is get someone that known how to cook good . Also the food doesn’t look good. Sometimes and it make students not want to eat it. If we had more colorful food, students would want to eat more

V. Future president you should help all the school have better school lunches for the students to eat.So that the stop students stop complaining about the school lunches being bad. I know that that we can fix that and make a better school lunches.