Robert F. North Dakota

Letter to the next President

This contains two of the topics I believe the next president should address during their presidency.

Dear Next President:

First, I want to say congratulations on being elected to be president of these great United States of America. With this election comes a great responsibility and many stressful decisions. I would like to elaborate on some of the situations I believe are important to our country or nation.

My first concern is school lunches. They are often bought frozen, heated at school, and generally gross. Everyday it seems more and more people are taking advantage of the open campus our school offers where they go too Dairy Queen or purchase junk food at the local gas station. A solution to this problem would be to charge more for lunch and have the cooks make homemade lunches, that everyone somewhat enjoys.

My second concern is gun control. This seems to be a rising issue everywhere I go. An easy solution would be to eliminate the use of high capacity magazine clips for public use, and allow them for military use only. Another solution would be to run deeper background checks on anyone buying a gun. There is always the possibility of a convicted felon changing their name once they get out of prison, and then trying to purchase a weapon.

These are two of the issues I believe should be recognized by the next President of the United States. I hope I have shined some light on issues others also see important, and that you are able to address them.


Robert Fitterer

Robert Fitterer