Jenna Michigan

Women's Rights

This is my letter to the next president addressing the issues related to women's rights, specifically rape.

Dear Next President,

We have achieved a lot since the beginning of America. However, we still have a long ways to go; there are still many problems in America that need to be addressed. One that is a big issue inequality between men and women. Yes, it is true, we have come very far: we can now vote, we are not expected to only stay home with the children, it is not a bizarre idea for a woman to be president, and so on. There are so many issues for women still, and a big one deals with the rape culture. Some people truly believe that the rape issue in this country is not a big deal, and that scares me.

According to the “Victims of Sexual Violence: Statistics” article on, one out of every six women has been a victim of attempted or completed rape. That number is way too high, and it makes me very worried. It is hard for me to understand why anybody would feel the need to do something like that and think that it is okay. I guess, they know they can get away with it because of cases like Brock Turner. Brock Turner is a name that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Knowing that someone could rape a girl behind a dumpster and only have to serve three months in jail is sickening.

To stop this problem, we need to be more open about the rape culture. Rape should be talked about in schools; kids need to know what it defines rape and what sexual consent is. People shy away from these problems too much and think this topic is too inappropriate. This is real life, though. People do get raped all the time. Something needs to be done about it, and the problem will not be solved until we start talking about it.

Along with talking about the issue, there needs to be stronger punishments for rape. I understand not every rape case has been handled like Brock Turner’s. However, that should never have happened. Never under any circumstance is rape okay. It does not matter how great a swimmer the rapist is. Brock’s victim may not remember what happened but there was physical proof of her being raped. I read her statement to him on buzzfeed, and I learned that she woke up in the morning with abrasions and her underwear missing. There is nothing okay about that situation.

I really hope we can begin to have a more open conversation about rape in America. I also hope that rapists face bigger punishments for their crimes.



Hanover-Horton High School

Creative Writing Class

This is my creative writing class, they have concerns with our county and world today. Agree or Disagree, it is their VOICE to express.

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