Michael T. Michigan

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is getting out of hand

Dear Future President,

The police are getting out of hand with their unnecessary acts towards citizens. This is causing trust problems with the people that are supposed to be protecting us. There have been many killings that have happened at the hands of the police for no reason at all. Most cases involve harassing an innocent man who questioned why he is being harassed and the police take offense to that question and commit unjust actions. There are some cases where the accidental killing was just whether it be the victim resisting or trying to run.

Some of the victims that are now being noticed by the population of america as a whole are now being investigated by the citizens their self. The police force makes it seem like it was a just reason or it fell under the accident category and the officer or officers have little to no punishment. Most people would agree this is very unfair to the victim and the victim's family. They want to see justice for what has happened to their family member and this is something you should take into consideration.

A smart fix for this problem would be to look into the officer's history to find out if the officer is stable or unstable with his reactions under intense situations. Tests should be required for police officers so that their temper and aggressiveness is exposed, Understanding the environment a police officer is in on a day to day basis could also help with certain reactions to small things. These are things as a president we the people of america think you should look into.



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