Ava Indiana

Should College Tuition Be Free?

I feel that students should be granted 2 free years of community college. Here's why...

October 27, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

My name is Ava and I feel that two years of community college should be granted to students coming out of High School. I feel that this topic needs to be addressed because a lot of people cannot afford a decent college education.

Now, I are going to focus on why students should be granted this opportunity.

College should be given to students because they deserve to get a good education.

Some people think that this opportunity should not be given because there is financial aid that is given to poorer students. My father was middle class, and he didn’t qualify for financial aid. He worked 2 jobs, his mother worked 3 jobs, and he still had to take out a loan that he is still paying 20 years later.

Next, we are gonna be talking about why this law should be passed in the U.S.

I will get this law passed by the House of Representatives by getting a representative to sponsor the bill, first of all. You must get consideration of the president and then it can be passed, in which it would be considered “enrolled”, by the senate. I would have to get the bill signed by the president of the United States.

In conclusion, I feel that 2 years of free community college should be given to students.

I feel that a law should be passed so that students have the opportunity to get free college.

I will get this law passed by getting a representative to sponsor the bill, then will get consideration from the president, and enrolled, then will get the bill signed by the president.

I think that you should take consideration to this matter because a lot of jobs could come from giving students a proper education. More people would want to hire a person with a good college resume.

Yours Truly,



8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana