Laney N. California

Higher level education costs

College education is at an unreasonable cost for most citizens.

Dear Future President,

College education is a privilege in the United States of America. Students, however, are pressured from childhood to believe that getting a college degree is the best option, and the job market in this country is currently competitive enough that higher level education seems to be an implied requirement. However, some citizens in this country cannot afford this educational opportunity. 13% of U.S. taxes contribute to funding college education, whereas 4% of taxes go towards correctional facilities. This creates a problem in balance. The future of this country relies on these people with college degrees, and some may not be able to get one because of financial issues. This leads to more people forced to live in unsafe areas, in undesirable jobs. 40% of high school dropouts become criminals in their life and 67% of those will be arrested. These students, if given the opportunity of higher level education at a more plausible cost, could become more successful and stay out of jail. If this were the case, we would no longer need the funding for correctional facilities and institutions.

This problem affects the country greatly be limiting the higher-educated work force we have available in order to make decisions about the future. Each college graduate who works has an impact on how our country grows and develops, and can make something greater. Higher level education also allows people more options in a job field, and shows a path to a clear career that they truly know about, and enjoy. This way the person is more passionate and interested in their work, and would want to make a difference.

Cost of college education can be fixed be making it less in the first place, and therefore a more reasonable option for students. This will motivate less dropouts from high school and college enrolled students. If we have more people with a college degree, we have less people committing crimes and therefore funding for correctional facilities is no longer needed. This can allow for more tax dollars to give back to a wider population in higher level education, in public college funding.


Laney Nemets

Newbury Park High School

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2A

High school English IB course

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