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Gun Policy

My letter is about why there should be an extensive background check on people who try to purchase any kind of gun.

       Gun Policy

October 27, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

Have you ever thought about the gun policy? If so have you ever wondered why they don’t do an extensive background check on people that try to purchase guns in the United States? Me too. This topic is important to me because more than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in this country. That means more than 30 people a day are killed by firearms. I think that this topic should be addressed because innocent people are losing their lives because people don’t do background checks or at least they don’t do extensive background checks. Therefore they don’t really know who they are selling their guns to; they could be selling them to a criminal or a person with a mental health issue.

In fact, the Unites States had 12,000 gun homicides in 2015.. If we did extensive background checks on all the people the guns are sold these numbers would go down. Only 13 states require a background check for purchasing at gun shows. Only 7 states require background checks for handgun sales. Which means 20 out of 50 states require a minimal background checks. People will disagree saying background checks don’t stop criminals from getting firearms. They’ll still get guns illegally.

Therefore, I think that gun control should be a law because we need to reduce this death rate by homicides in the United States. First the bill will go to the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives say if the law is fair or not. If the law is fair then it goes to the Senate. When it gets to the Senate, I hope that the law gets passed to the President of the Unites States. When it gets to the President I hope that he passes the gun control law. If it gets all the way to the President and he passes it that means that the gun control law has became a law and we will have extensive background checks on people before they are able to purchase a gun.

In conclusion, I want to live in a safer place. I think that there should be a gun control law, I think that it will reduce the number of homicides. I will get this law passed by sending it to the House of Representatives if they approve it then it will go to the Senate last it will go to the president. If it makes it to the President and he approves it then it will become a law. We want people to move to the Unites States but if it only safe in 13 states then people might not want to move here but if all 50 states require background checks then more people would move here. Unless you don't want people to move here than i mean it's okay if you don't make this a law.




8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana