Andrew L. Indiana


We need to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the United States.


October 27, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

“It's estimated that more than 11 million illegal immigrants are already in this country with more and more invading us every day, and the federal government is doing absolutely nothing to stop this insanity,” says the The Baltimore Sun, a Baltimore Sun Media Group publication. With at least 11 million immigrants in America and more coming in everyday, we are ruining our economy. They are taking our jobs, not being fair to taxes, and ruining the chance for many real Americans living their happy life. I believe that we need to increase the border so we don’t get so many immigrants in the U.S, and maybe offer the current illegal immigrants a way to become Americans.

To start, let’s talk about why they are bad. One reason is they are undocumented and do not pay taxes. This is not fair to the people who do pay taxes to help America. Illegal immigrants also take jobs and get food stamps from other Americans who really need it. Many people like the illegal immigrants saying that they are good people who just want a good country to live. They believe that most Americans live just fine how things are now and we don’t even need the change because it would be a drain on funds. I believe that we do need to do something because tens of thousands of people are out of jobs and that’s not okay when something can be done.

I believe we need a law to enforce the current immigration laws and we need ways to watch and then track the illegal immigrants later coming in. This can allow us to prevent a decent amount of the immigrants and possibly track the illegal immigrants who don’t get caught on the spot. If we want to get this law past, I first need to present to the House of Representatives everything and they send it to the Congress. The Congress votes on it and It will need at least 51 votes. Finally, the President Accepts it or vetoes it. If it gets vetoed, it gets it sent back to senate where ⅔ need to vote to accept.

In the end, this is important to save American jobs and people that work to be here. We also need to increase the security by the border to prevent people from entering America. We also need to get this law passed though the House of Representatives, then the though the Senate, and finally the President. This is important for the President to focus on because if we do nothing, more and more people will continue to enter the United States, taking our jobs, wastes taxpayers dollars, and even cause Americans to feel unsafe and insecure. So why let this happen when something can be done?




8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana