Kira W. Indiana

National Defense and War

War is NOT something we want right now.

Dear Future President,

       I believe that national defense and war for the U.S. is a serious issue. We need to consider all the possibilities of war. I would hate to see America go even farther in debt due to the costs of war. I really don't want you to have to send in our troops to something we could of avoided.

       I think it would be for the best if we try to make peace with ISIS and avoid risking the lives of our fearless soldiers over nothing, if at all possible. If they find some way to have the upper advantage on us then we do not stand a chance against them. Whether or not we have the weapons or technology to defeat them, if they are antagonizing us, then they must have something up their sleeve. 

       Also, if they do have something up their sleeve and we send our troops in, we would loose a lot of soldiers and a lot of families will be wrecked. What if they send an attack in on us? We wouldn't know where or when! They could just drop a bomb in the middle of Nevada for all we know! Too many people would die.


Kira Ward from Indiana.