Delaney Indiana

Cost of Higher Education

My letter will talk about the cost of college, why it's a problem, and the law that should be enforced to resolve this issue.

October 26, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

My topic is about the cost of higher education and why I think that it should be free, or cost significantly less than what it does in the U.S. I think that college is a very important part of education, and eventually obtaining a successful career. College costs way too much money for something most people consider to be “mandatory”. This issue needs to be addressed because everyone deserves an education, it can be hard to get one if you come a from a family struggling with financial issues. Education is important for everyone to have so the next the generation can be educated and ready for different career fields.

Furthermore, my opinion on cost of higher education is that it should cost a lower tuition than it does. I think that middle class people and higher class people should have to pay a little more money each year to pay for the professors and such. Most countries have a similar idea to what France does for college cost. A credible article states, “France does charge tuition-but normally around 200 dollars at public universities.” People may disagree with this because they don't think they should have to pay money for college, especially if they aren't the ones going to it. But would you really want to risk the chance of young people across the nation not getting an education?

Moreover, a law should be passed to enable the the law I’m proposing so young people can have a fair shot at affording college. The law I am passing is the right to go to college for a small tuition as well as for middle class and higher class to pay equal amounts each year to fund local colleges. To get this law passed in the House of Representatives, I would have to convince someone to sponsor my bill or proposal. My proposal will then be agreed on, sent to the Senate where the bill will be examined carefully, and passed. Once it’s decided on, the Senate will send it to the President who will then enforce my law.

All things considered, the cost of higher education is causing people to struggle to afford a chance for education that everyone is promised. The law that should be passed for the United States is the right to go to college for a small tuition as well as for middle class and higher class to pay equal amounts each year to fund the local colleges. The House of Representatives will vote for my law to be passed, then sent to the Senate where they examine it to see that this law is much needed. My law will then go to the president where they enforce this to make a better country. You should focus on this topic so the next generation can be educated to make our country even better.




8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana