Weston S. California

Gun Violence

A letter concerning my fear of gun violence in America.

Dear President Elect Trump,

Every time an American citizen turns on the television there has been some type of shooting somewhere in the United States. I am writing to you because of my growing concern about gun violence and gun regulation. Gun violence and regulation is a challenge for this country, I will not lie. Just like other countries we face problems on a daily basis. I am hoping you can come up with a way to reduce gun violence.

The solutions are quite controversial, they range from taking our God given right to bear arms to not doing a darn thing to stop the problem. Taking the people's guns away won't work because it's in the constitution “right to bear arms” but since it's a right to bear the weapon, there's also a responsibility that goes along with the right, it to use the gun with respect. In fact there is a jaw dropping 360 million guns owned in the US.. There have been 11,994 deaths with a gun in the US- last year , the US also has the most gun deaths (out of the wealthy western countries) according to cbsnews.com.

Interestingly enough the states with the most gun laws and regulation actually face the most fatalities by a firearm, I'm not saying gun regulation is bad, in fact think it actually helps. Contrary to that, California one of the states with most gun control on its population has the most gun deaths according to ‘smartgunlaws.org’. I don't believe gun regulations will do that much in the big picture.

Mr. President, if Switzerland has one of largest gun ownership per capita and one of the lowest gun death rates in the world, so can we. I believe America is always open for new changes and opportunities to make America more prosperous than it already is. I hope you make the best choices for me, you, and the 318 million other people living in this bountiful country.


Weston Story

PS- I would like to meet you some day.

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