Asia K. Louisiana

Gun Violence

There is no doubt that the existence of some 260 million guns increases the death pole in this country. We do not have drive-by poisonings or drive-by knifings , but we have drive-by shootings. Easy access to guns deadly violence more common in drug deals , gang fights and street corner brawls.

Dear Future President,

There is no question that the easy access to guns contribute to the death polls , but it's not accurate to suggest that random mass killings would be eliminated if there were no guns. There are many ways to obtain guns illegally - through gun trafficking , theft an "straw purchases" there are thousands of avenues for legal sales. Americans can purchase and own almost any type of firearm , depending upon their state pf residence , occupation , age , and personal status . Virtually anyone can buy a gun from a private seller. 

Understanding that there is no perfect solution , there are several legal and political changes that could be instituted and would be approved by most Americans. Some states require a permit to purchase a gun , while others do not. Some restrict assault weapon sales while others do not. The law should be the same in each state to facilitate enforcement while protecting the rights of citizens who legally have to move in restricted across sate lines. No felon , known drug user , adjudicated "mentally defective" person , illegal immigrant , or person convicted of domestic violence should be permitted to buy or carry a gun.

There are federally required background checks on purchasing weapons; many states (including Virginia) limit gun purchases to one a month, and juveniles may not buy them at all. But even if there were even tougher limits, access to guns would remain relatively easy. Not the least because, as is true today, many would be stolen and others would be obtained through straw purchases made by a willing confederate. It is virtually impossible to use new background check or waiting-period laws to prevent dangerous people from getting guns. Those that they cannot buy, they will steal or borrow.

                                                                                                                                                    Sincerely ,

                                                                                                                                                    Asia Kelly


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