Timothy B. Iowa

Gun Control

Why we don't need more then what we already have.

Dear President,

When it comes to gun control more screening will not help, because you can be a sane, responsible gun owner with a family and a good job, then the next day, you start a mass shooting. The reason for starting a mass shooting is not the gun's fault; the blame lies with what triggered the mad man that lives within each of us to start firing. The only way to stop a madman and protect ourselves is with a gun; without guns we are left defenseless. We need to be able to fight back! Taking away or restricting gun ownership will harm us in the long run.

Other countries don’t follow our strict laws, so they could overtake us with their guns.  We need the 2nd Amendment to be able to fight back and protect our way of life.  There are over 300 million gun owners, but only a few thousand reported cases of gun violence each year. If gun violence was a huge problem, the 2nd Amendment would have been changed years ago. People think guns should be more restricted because bad people are getting ahold of guns. Unfortunately, people trafficking from unlicensed sellers for half price and illegal guns are out to harm others. We will never be able to stop people who really want a gun from getting their hands on one.

If you are banning guns for the fact that they can kill, then we must ban cars for DUI, ban kitchen knives for the fact that all can kill someone, and ban anything that can harm us.  We have deadly gas in our homes, but we don't ban the use of propane. If you agree that guns kill, then you also should agree that spoons make us fat, pencils misspell words, and cars cause drunk driving accidents.  It is up to each human to choose how they use a gun. Guns don’t kill people, the madman inside of us kills people.


Timothy B.

North Fayette Valley High School

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