Anson M. Louisiana

Racial Inequality in the U.S.A

Black Americans are being treated as poorly as they were in the 1960s. This is a huge step back now we are 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement. Please future president fix this problem.

 Dear Future President,

As Al Sharpton, White House Advisor, once said, ”From racial profiling and being pulled over just for ‘driving while black’ to this new phenomenon of killing unarmed people out of some preconceived idea of fear, our lives and our children’s lives are not being valued.” Even though Al Sharpton will be moving out of his position soon, his quote is still needed today, especially because so many innocent people have been shot.Once you get a chance future president,I would appreciate it if you would pay close attention to this topic.Racial inequality is a big deal because every day, all over the world, innocent black people are shot because of something as simple as the color of their skin. As the next president, I would like you to support the Black Lives Matter movement because people look at blacks differently, they are giving harsher punishment to blacks, and blacks don’t get equal opportunity.

To begin, it's important to stride towards racial equality because police are enforcing harsher punishments for black people than to white people. Police routinely shoot black citizens for no reason, but white people are doing terrible things and are not punished for their actions. This is crazy because on the Dayton Daily News it said, ”a white man can walk into a church and gun down nine people, be apprehended by police without incident or escalation, and taken to Burger King but a black man standing in Walmart, leaning on a pellet gun and talking on the cell phone is gunned down without an attempt or effort to calm or de-escalate the situation.”This clearly shows the police give harsher punishment to black people than white people. Furthermore, people look at black people differently than white people. Many people have this fear of blacks, and they stereotype all blacks. Again in the Dayton Daily News,it said, “A black man in a hoodie will get more second looks than a white man dressed the same way.” It is a clear example of people being scared of black people more than whites. Finally, blacks don’t get equal opportunity. Many times, black citizens don’t get equal opportunities, such as jobs. Katy Crosby,the executive director of the Dayton Human Relations Council,said, “When the Civil Rights Act was passed people started to become comfortable with the fact that, 'OK, now we have equal rights. Now I can work in the same job as anyone else; now I can go to the same school as anyone else; I can shop at the same store, but I (Katy Crosby) think some people haven’t woken up yet to say ‘wait we still have work to do’.” This shows that blacks still don’t get entirely the same opportunities but no one is doing anything about it. Ultimately, black citizens do not get equal opportunities,they are receiving harsher punishments, and people look at them differently.

As I said many times before, racial inequality is a huge problem in America, so as our future president, please fix this problem. I know I am still in middle school and I am too young to vote, but I still care about the black citizens in our community. If you don’t fix this problem now, who knows how bad it can get when I am able to vote. Please fix this problem future president.


Anson M.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

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