Neo B. Wisconsin

Gun Control

Guns don't commit crimes people do

Dear Future President,

I want to address the issue of gun control. According to the statistics guns prevent over 2.5 million crimes a year; yet some people want to restrict my the right to own a gun. One study of adult offenders living in Chicago says that criminals obtain guns either by friends, over the internet or by personal connections. And over 30% of the guns that the offenders had were stolen. When people say that guns are the number 1 cause of violent deaths in the U.S they are wrong, 90% of all violent crimes are not committed with a gun, but are committed with some other weapon. Fewer than 1% of firearms will be used in any sort of crime because nearly every gun owner is responsible and trustworthy. And when people talk about criminals getting guns from gun shows only .7 percent of criminals get their guns from gun shows 39.2 obtained them from street dealers.

When Politicians talk about how gun control will help the U.S, and that it will stop crime, what they don’t understand is that one of the only thing stopping crime is guns.


Noah Bomberg