Alyssa Texas

Animal Cruelty

Mistreatment of animals

Dear next president,

I believe that all animals should be treated right with the same rights and dignity as a human being and I really hope you can work something out. Here are some stories and facts about people hurting animals that you may be aware of.

Over 1 million animals such as mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, and among others are killed in US laboratories for drugs, chemicals, food, and cosmetics testing’s every year. Asiatic Cheetahs might die out fewer than 40 are still alive. We need to help them you need to help them this is our world we are talking about they need to stop the shooting and killing of these beloved animals. We need your help.

An American dentist paid more than 50 thousand dollars to kill an innocent lion named Cecil. What are people doing this really needs to stop can’t you see. There are birds being hunted, dumped, shocked, cut open and scalded alive. We need more heroes people who are willing to save poor innocent animals.

Here is an example of a hero: A kitten was rescued from a 12th-floor apartment in Singapore by an animal care officer we need more heroes like this if you can help these poor innocent animals from being abused and killed I would greatly appreciate it.

Alyssa age 16