David I. California

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty needs to stop its harming our population. A lot of species are dying because of animal cruelty.

Dear future president, Oct. 27,2016

I am writing this letter to put an end to animal cruelty. I believe that animal cruelty is a great topic because it talks about the problems of animal cruelty. This topic mainly talks about how much animals are being killed and what's the problem. Another thing that it’s talking about is what animals are being saved and who’s saving them.

Some things that I want to improve on or make better is on the extinction rate. Because the extinction rate is thousands of species go extinct each year. Also there is over 100 million species except most of those species get extinct. I also want to adress that many animal loss is happening because of habitat loss. Here's a fact “ If there are 100,000,000 different species in the earth and the extinction rate is just 0.01 / year. At least 10,000 species go extinct every year.

Some possible solutions that the president can help on animal cruelty. Is make some states or countries illegal to kill animals. Another way that the president can help is by stop selling guns. We should do something about it because if we don’t the whole world will be a vigan.


,David ibarra

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