Nathalie G. Texas

Abortion Kills

Theres a life depending on you.

Dear future president,

        Have you ever thought about what goes on inside of a woman's womb while getting an abortion. As a baby is being aborted, they get sucked out of the womb. Since the mother's opening to the uterus is not fully dilated, the baby then has to be cut into parts, both little arms and legs are cut off so that it could be aborted. If the baby still does not fit, then the doctor has to crush the little skull in order for the baby to go through. The fact that this is even legal is disturbing and sad. Why should a baby have to be tortured just because the mother is not ready to raise a child of her own. I do understand that in some cases the mother is not economically stable to maintain a baby in health, but instead of aborting it she could just put it up for adoption or find another way of putting the baby in good hands .

        When teen mothers abort a baby, it is different. If a girl has had relations with her boyfriend, she obviously knows what the outcome will be. If a teen knows that she is not going to be able to raise a child, then why have sexual relations at all. When you are raising a child as a teen, there will be obstacles because you are still young, but that does not mean that you have to abort a baby. In my opinion there are no excuses to abort a baby, If you are not ready to raise a baby, then why have sexual relations at all. 

        Every baby that gets aborted might have been the next Martin Luther King Jr. or the next Mahatma Gandhi, or you never know that baby could've been our next president. Abortion should not be acceptable in the U.S. or in any place. Having sexual relations should be taken seriously, think ahead before proceeding. If the teen girl/ woman is not ready to raise a baby, they should not be having relations without protection or at all. If a person does come out pregnant and they are not ready to raise a child, then they should think in giving it up for adoption not getting an abortion.