Travis Texas

End Ocean Pollution!

Sea life at risk

Hello, future Prez!

I would like to put into context a huge problem that we have today, and that problem is ocean pollution. We cannot keep polluting our oceans. Sea life will die if we continue to pollute.

First of all, trashing our oceans is part of polluting them. Dumping trash means death to sea life, because they try to eat our trash that we dump.

Second of all, we need safer oil drilling conditions because oil spills can really cause death among sea life. Oil spills also contaminate water, making that area of water uninhabitable.

Third and final, harmful chemicals are dumped every day into our oceans. This is another cause of the destruction of sea life. Not to mention that there is no appropriate reason for doing this.

So, please help with the effort to save our oceans, because it will have satisfactory results. The effort to stop polluting our oceans will lead to life and prosperity among ocean life. Endangered species will become endangered no more!


Travis 17