Aisosa Pennsylvania

Animal Cruelty Must Stop

Animal cruelty affects thousands of animals in the United States. So much more has to be done to stop it.


Dear Future President,

There are 10,000 puppy mills, tens of thousands of people involved in dog fights, and 250,000 animals that fall victim to hoarding every year. These horrible examples of animal cruelty cause pain or death upon thousands of innocent animals every year. So why isn't more done to stop it? There might be laws and non-profit organizations but that isn't enough.

Think about it, there are people in America making money off a living creature's pain. Hundreds of dogs from puppy mills are sent to pet stores. Some people illegally gamble during dog fights. Zoos give animals barely any space to live in, while circuses whip the animals until they figure out what to do. Most of these animals don't know off anything that's not a dusty warehouse or the outside. Do you in any way think that's fair?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and that you'll do more for animals everywhere.