Jacob Pennsylvania

College Tuition

I hope this letter will impact your view on college tuition costs.

Dear Future President,

Although I cannot go to college, I have an experience with college being expensive. My sister goes to college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is always talking about how pricey the tuition is. Teens and their parents will not be able to pay for these pricey college tuitions. You, as the next President of the United States of America, need to help lower college tuition fees.

Considering the fact that a plethora of jobs require a college degree, many kids cannot afford these degrees because college tuition is far too expensive. About 62% of jobs require some kind of college degree. Adults without a degree can’t get hired for these jobs that require a college degree. If adults/kids don’t go to college and get a job there will be more people living on the street. These people will be living on the streets because, without a job, they cannot afford an apartment or even food, so the next president should lower tuition rates if they want America and American people to be prosperous.

Even though presidents have tried to make colleges affordable or have said they would, they never have. President Barack Obama said he was going to make community colleges free for the first two years of the student’s college education; he did not make his statement come true. The next president needs to make changes with the cost of college and go through with what he/she says. If kids cannot afford colleges, they will not be able live their own life and make their own money with a job.

Despite the fact that I am only a child, I do have an educated plan to lower college tuition prices. For example, if one wants to go to a college outside of their state, the tuition should be the same as the people that live in the same state as the college. If students want to go to a college in a different state, the tuition shouldn’t change just because that student doesn't live in that state. The average difference between in-state and out-of-state colleges is $14,480. The average cost of in-state public college is $9,410, and the cost of out-of-state public college is $23,890. Students may not be able to go to a college in-state because the school does not offer their major, so they have to go out of state to a different college. Another idea to consider is making colleges more responsible with the federal aid given to them by the government. The government should give the colleges a budget on what they spend their federal aid on between education and not on marketing and shareholder profits. This will help lower tuition because the colleges will be spending the federal aid on education instead of bumping up the tuition prices.

In conclusion, there needs to be a change to the pricey college tuition costs. The next president needs to do what they said they’re going to do. There are a deluge of ways you can make college tuition costs lower - as I explained in my writing. I hope this letter impacted your view on college tuition costs.


Jacob A., Pennsylvania