Justin Pennsylvania

College Tuition

I care about how much college may cost me.

Dear Next President,

The future of college is in your hands. I am not of age to vote yet, but this topic strongly matters to me. It matters to me because I plan on going to college in the near future, and after hearing all these things about how much college is and hearing my siblings talk about it all the time, the price of education worries me.

College students are struggling to pay for college, but people just deciding to go to college may be already worrying about being able to afford it and worrying about debt. Some college students have to drop out of school because they are either in debt or they can’t afford to stay in it. In fact, about everyone seven out of ten college students said that they feel stressed about their college finances.The Ohio State University analyzes that about 60% of college students worry about having enough money to pay for school while half are concerned about paying monthly expenses. Why should people have to worry about having to pay for college rather than getting an education and living the life they were born to have. I’m not far from going to college, and I’m worried about people who are older than me and are either struggling or worrying about college finances or being in debt. I think that we should keep fixing, changing, and tweaking Barack Obama’s plan for free college so that students can get the education that they may deserve. s. Anyone who is going to college is, in one way or another, affected by college cost. I and possibly many others, strongly believe that college should be significantly lowered or possibly even be free. I only think that only the people who are responsible should have this privilege though. If someone isn’t really willing to learn and get good grades but just is there for their free college degree, then that is when they shouldn’t have the privilege of free college or lowered cost. Others in the world might disagree because they may be rich and may be financially stable, but in reality, there are people that have trouble paying to go to college or can’t afford to stay in it.

In conclusion, you, as the leader of our nation, should be concerned about the education of present and future students. If you can and or will change the cost of college tuition, then students won’t have to worry about cost, and they can pursue their dreams in life and can have an impact on and an important role in society, and it will all be thanks to you.


Justin N, Pennsylvania