Allanah Pennsylvania

College Tuition

This is our future! A song about college tuition.

College Tuition Song

( anything in between *is spoken*)

You're probably not the next president but if you are I want you to listen, not just skim this but to listen

This is our future we're talking about not some random dream

If you think about it, it costs way too much to make our dreams come true

How do you expect us to get a job with no degree

You need more people in the coding degree but that requires a bachelor’s degree

Worried about being able to attend let alone pay for the college bills

So am I, listen up while I state the facts

*Millions of students are struggling to pursue their futures due to the obstacle of tuition dues*

Hold up, wait up fast forward 10 years look at that our nation's debt has risen but not only that look at the college tuition cost.

All right take a breath that was a lot to take in, but here’s another load I’m sorry in advance

*50% of all graduates with a bachelor's degree don’t have a stable job for at least a year after graduation, forcing their college debt to rapidly increase since they don’t have a steady income to help pay it off.*

U.S. President what are you gonna do about that.

I look at Hillary and see a plan, but I look at Trump my main man and see no plan.

So Trump where you at.

Take a second to get one

while Hillary says her plan at last here’s another one

*” By 2021 families with income up to $125,000 will pay no tuition at in-state four-year public colleges and universities… every student from a family making $85,000 a year or less will be able to go to an in-state four-year public college or university without paying tuition”*

Hey, Trump, where's your plan oh wait you still don’t have one man I guess I’ll vote for my other main MAM

Hillary, here you go take my vote and do your plan

Take one step back… you don’t know who the Prez is, but I’ll have to agree with Hillary

Trump whatcha doin come on get in the game.

This isn’t some little thing you can buy off of people.

(slow down at the part below)

Wait a minute get back on track, we aren’t siding here we aren’t of age

College tuition is so expensive that we take out student loans.

We graduate with a debt of over $26,000

Don’t blame us, we can’t afford it, instead blame the government for so much riot due to the fact of national debt.

Along with tuition there are the textbooks

We’re paying over $1,100 every year for books they could provide for us instead

President ,were you listening? I hope you were, but this is important you need to here

Here’s what I want ya to do

Lower the cost of college tuition and fees I get war’s expensive but yet that's not our problem!

Lower the cost yeah I already said that so what MAKE A PLAN!

I hope you were listening next President of the U.S.


Allanah Nelligan, Pennsylvania