Jack A. Iowa

College Tuition

Lower the tuition please

More and more people have stopped going to college because of the high costs of a college tuition. If you decide to lower the costs of a tuition more people can get a higher education. If more people start going to college than we can have a smarter America with a much better education. People will be able to get better jobs which in turn will bring down the rate of people in poverty, but that is another subject entirely. I cannot think of anyone who would not be for lower college tuition except for the colleges themselves.

Right now the cost of a college tuition at Harvard is $45,278, that is 17 times more than the price in 1972 according to MSNBC. Not just Harvard is increasing their rates either. Colleges around the world are raising their tuition prices. Even though colleges are making so much money off of these tuitions, the spending for improving their classes has stayed relatively stable. So what are they doing with all of that money? It mostly goes towards the massive government debt.

So those are my concerns, future president. Whether or not you will see to them is up to you, but I would consider it. I hope that you can help out my, and everybody's problem of the high college tuition. Thank you for reading future president.