Wendy G. Georgia

Rising College Cost

Rising college cost is a big problem in our community now.

Dear Future President:

Money, is a topic that people often argue or having trouble with. Many family cannot afford large amount of money. The college cost had always rising over years and years and many college students cannot afford that much money so they fell into tuition debt.It’s time to stop rising college cost.

People wants to get a good education but because of the high cost, Students can’t go to college that they want to go, or they cannot even go to college.Some school have raised tuition and pressed faculty to go after research grants, so most students are funding their education through federal and private loans. Nearly 60% of students graduating from college in 2013 had education related debt.

The government should start to care about it more now because that’s the main problem in this community now. Tuition is the only source that can be used to offset the state’s fiscal tax. So when the government promised not to increase taxes, but the state budgets tight, the governor is actually in the student tax. That’s not fair to the students. My suggestion is that stop doing that, and stop rising the college cost. You can have a definite cost that most people can afford, so everyone can get a good education and not wrong about tuition debt/money.

The quality of education in United States is better, and the quality of education is more important than other countries. Is that what you think? Yes, and I agree too. But if you think that’s the reason you should rise the college cost, you wrong. People who argue that college is not worth it contend that the debt from college loans is too high and delays graduating from saving for retirement, buying a house, or getting married.Maybe you think that students can apply for a scholarship, so they don’t have to pay that much money. But the school might refused some students, because they’re not smart enough to earn one?! Or you might think that students can earn money from their job so they can pay for college money. But the money that they get from their job it’s all their living expense! Students depends on their living expense to live.

Many students fell into tuition debt because of the high cost of college. Most students can't afford that much money.The government should stop rising college cost and let the students go for their dream!


Wendy G.