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NASA's Budget

What does the future hold for NASA? It depends on the next president.

Dear future president, 

             Under the Obama Administration, NASA operates on a 19 billion dollar budget. Anything under that, the technology curve would drop tremendously. If the budget were to be added on to, the possibilities are endless. 

             If NASA's budget was to be cut, technological advances would come screeching to a halt. Jobs would be lost and the economy would crash. NASA aims to increase their budget every year. If NASA's budget were doubled to almost $30 billion, it would create countless jobs for the economy and possibly put mankind on another planet. Humans are not expected to land on Mars until after 2022. With a bigger budget, this would have already been achieved. 

             Clearly, NASA's budget is very important to America and the progession of mankind. 

                                                                                                                                        Best reguards, Ben Davis 

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