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Sentencing Guidelines

I think that sexually abused children do not get the justice they deserve, and there should be tougher sentences given to sexual predators.


Dear Ms/Mr President,

I think that sexually abused children do not get the justice they deserve. According to RAINN, sexual abuse happens every 109 seconds, and every 8 minutes the victim is a child. Meanwhile RAINN argues  only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison.  I believe the perpetrators should have a longer sentence, or even death row.

Children should not have their innocence taken from people that have no sense. They deserve to be able to live their lives, do what kids do, and not have post traumatic stress disorder, or support groups at such young ages. They shouldn't have to worry about who they can or can't trust, or grow up knowing that a terrible thing happened to them like Gabrielle Union, a movie star who got raped by someone she knew. 

Some people might disagree with me; they might want perpetrators to have more intervention or therapy. I believe that they should get prison time, because if the therapy doesn't work they are going to take another kid's innocence. I also believe they should get therapy or more intervention, but they should have those sessions in prison where they belong. Regardless, I strongly believe they should be away for a very long time. 

 The perpetrators should be gone, and I would really like it if you took some time and thought about everything I have said about these innocent kids having their lives taken from them, just because a person is sick in their head. Please look into this and consider supporting longer sentences for those who have been convicted of sexually abusing children.        


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