Jessica Mount Louisiana

Future President

With everything that has been said in my letter all I ask is that you take into consideration how we feel about the situations going on in our country . Our country needs to work together instead of going against one another whether it is racial violence , terriost , or simply helping provide for our communities around us.

Dear future president ,  I am writing to you to inform you on some of the questions our student body and  myself would like an answer too.  Besides the fact that I am a junior in high school I believe that my concerns do matter . My first question is how exactly , will you minimize the domestic threat of home grown terrorists? Terrorists seem to be accurately a major threat to our country .. First the twin towers ... then the groups of terrorists bombing malls....movies..etc. Like whats next?                                       The racial divide on policing and politics seems wider than ever . How could the next president help turn this around? Police brutality has gotten so out of hand... The data shows that 50 percent of  of the victims of fatal police shootings are white, while 26 percent are black. The outcome of these racial outbursts from people all around the world has resulted in many ways other than just violence . The racial topic could very well go both ways... Police have shot a majority of African Americans in the year of 2016. 

 My last questions for you is this .. there are 43 million people living in poverty in this country what will you do about this ? Poverty is also a major issue ... especially in the town i live in ( Ferriday Louisiana ) . Our town needs major work . We have limited jobs. The house around us are not taken care of . Luckily, there are programs that help. The National School Lunch Program provides low- or no-cost meals to impoverished children. If it wasn't for that most of the children around here would starve to death . All we ask is that you help  and take into consideration these  situations .  

                                                                                                                                   Sincerely , Jessica Mount

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