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Keep Abortion Legal

Why abortion should stay legal.

Dear Future President,

Abortion will always be a controversial topic. Pro-life, or pro-choice? I believe abortion should be legal, only because this is a very personal decision for women, and the government shouldn’t have a say in what happens to someone else’s family.

People believe abortion is just about killing the baby; one that could have had a beautiful, happy life. They think that if a women gets pregnant, it is her fault, she should deal with the consequences. In 2011 alone, there were over 1.7 million abortions according to CDC. “That is 1.7 million lives that could have been apart of this world, but were ripped out from them before the fetus even had a say.” This is true. These are 1.7 million lives we’re missing out on. And it is important to take the consequences of your actions, but sometimes it is too much to take. Abortion isn’t something people use just so they can have sex and guarantee they never get a kid, it isn’t used to kill the baby with a mean, inhumane reason... Women usually get abortions because they can’t afford a kid at that certain point in their life, or it will affect the women’s health, affect their jobs, or their chances of getting into college… Abortion is never something a woman actually wants to have. It is one of the hardest decisions someone could possibly go through. If abortion becomes illegal, just imagine how many unwanted kids there will be in the world, or how many women will go through illegal operations so they don’t need to have a kid.

Anything can go wrong with a pregnancy. Babies feed off the nutrients from their mother's bodies, what happens if there is none? The mother could become very sick, and the only way to get better is to get the baby out. If abortion was illegal, both the baby and mother could die. Both lives would be lost. One life filled with so many years of memories, people that love them, and good times... Maybe it isn’t even the pregnancy that went wrong, but how the pregnancy happened. What if the girl was raped? It wasn’t her decision to have a kid. In more cases than not, she definitely wouldn’t have planned for that, and couldn’t raise a kid on her own. Abortion can happen for any reason. It’s hard to choose just a few to talk about. America needs to stay pro-choice because it will never be fair if a woman wants something but the government doesn’t let her get it, especially when it comes to forcing her to have a kid.

The government should stick to abortion being legal because if it isn't, so much bad would start to happen. Things such as women going to Mexico to get abortion pills, or Canada to receive the operation. Our population would skyrocket considering a kid that could have been aborted, might have had a family of 8, and those kids would have their families, so on and so on. The world would be a much different place. With abortion being legal, women don't have to dread providing for an unwanted kid, they can wait for a time where it is perfect for them and would work out. It will also help many deaths from both mom and baby due to the medical reason an abortion would be needed. Although it is seemed as a second degree of murder, abortion isn't suppose to be a cruel procedure. It is just meant to make sure the mom has a sustainable future, and that the baby who wasn't born, didn't have a life filled with neglect. I think it is very important to keep abortion legal. There are way too many occasions where it is needed, more than the reasons of why it should be taken away.



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