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Improve public school experience for every child

A letter to the next president of the united states.

Dear candidate, 

     What do you plan on doing to help improve the public school experience for every child? Do you plan on giving them all free education or provide money for school upgrades that the children and teachers will be grateful for? What are you going to do for them to have a better public school experience? Personally I think that you should give more money to the public schools, help them out more, if at all possible help schools get more upgrades to help the kids learn in a better environment maybe if they had better learning environments in school then they would like to learn more and would become smarter. Help by giving public schools upgrades such as new computers, new books, include another  coarse or two/  or a few classes to make the kids better educated. 

     The more education we learn in school the better educated our country will be if we are educated better as young people of america we are the next generation of people to support and run our country so if we don't get   a better education the country will never make it. To help our country be stronger and better we need you to improve the public school experience for every child.

                                                                                                                                          sincerely, Faith Roberts 

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