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Heroine and other drugs

Drug abuse has risen in teens, education about abusing could be the fix

We've all heard stories of drug abusers and the troubles they have in their lives, but what if it were teens you knew? Teen heroin and other drug abuse has risen in the last few years. Drug abuse in teens is more common than ever; we need to educate about the danger of abusing. More teens use “easier” that can lead to stronger drugs like heroin, which has become easier to obtain, and cause tears in their relationships.

I hear rumors about kids my age doing prescription or heroin and I always wonder why they chose such extreme drugs and would they be careful if they knew the dangers. Many abusers actually start with prescription drugs or, drugs with less health risks. One young abuser named Hanna Morris talked in her interview about how she started. She said “It started with weed and it was fun, and I got to good weed . Went to-- oh my gosh, I went to pills, and it was still fun. You know, Percocet, Xanax, Vicodin, all that kinda stuff. And yeah, heroin. I started smoking it at first.” Another young woman named Ashley was just sampling drugs, thinking it was Hashish, but later was told what it actually was, heroin. In the interview it was said that “Ashley experimented with drugs during her freshman year of college, and she regrets that one day, she tried smoking hash with a friend. After a few weeks of using the drug, her friend came clean; the drug that they'd been smoking was actually heroin.”It's scary to that drugs that we don't worry that much about could lead to much worse things. We need to educate about experimenting because even trying something one time, may lead to a much more dangerous route.

You always think drugs are only found in dark alleys in the inner cities, but drugs are now easier to find and buy. Many teens think it's not going to affect them because it's mostly synthetic, not knowing that when it's cheap, it's also dangerous. One young woman named Ashley had that mentioned in her interview. The correspondent said “Often, young people will make the jump to heroin after first becoming addicted to prescription opiates, such as Oxycontin.These pills can be pricey -- as high as $50 for one dose -- and the relatively low price tag on heroin -- as little as $10 per dose -- can push young users to try the drug they never would have used otherwise.” Many abusers wouldn't use heroine except that they know it's cheaper than their normal drugs. In a study found by the national institute of drug abuse, 62% of users use prescription drugs because they're easy to get from medicine cabinets found in their house. It's astonishing that it's so easy to get drugs. Drugs are easier to obtain in this day and age; we need to educate why it's dangerous to abuse, even with drugs that are prescribed.

Many people may say that we educate enough and it's up to the person to make the right decision. But many kids feel pressured into doing drugs and never know the true dangers, not just in their physical health, but also their mental health and relationships. Many abusers lose their relationships with friends and family. In the interview with Ashley, they talked to her mother. She said "I've had a lot of friends say, 'Just kick her out.' Even the police have said that,” . Abusers can ruin many relationships because of their addiction. It's causes tears between them and their loved ones. With education of not only the dangers of their physical health but, mental health also, it could save many heart broken families.

Education about drugs and abuse could end drug use in teens. It's easier for teens to not only obtain drugs, but easier to take them because of sampling and working up to with easier drugs. Drug use can cause major damage in abusers relationships, with families or friends. Education is not the only choice; it's stopping it from the start.


Annika S.

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