Chris F. Minnesota

Prioritize Shutting Down ISIS

There shouldn't be hundreds of lives being lost due to ISIS while the US isn't doing enough to stop it.

Dear Future President,

Terrorism is a real threat to our country, especially ISIS. ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and they are an extreme militant, or terrorist group. They have been known for being behind countless numbers of attacks and killing thousands of people. “There have been more than 30 people from the US that have joined in Syria, and 80,000 people in total. They won’t stop killing, until we start ending this group.” (Whalen, 9). Hundreds and thousands of people, mainly in Syria, have been affected by ISIS. ISIS has killed thousands of civilians for no reason other than more fame for themselves. They only want people to suffer and they are only going to getting bigger and create more problems for our country if this terrorist group doesn’t get shut down. I believe that we have to make shutting down ISIS a priority and to work with other nations to make this happen.

I believe that the US isn’t giving enough attention to a huge problem/ concern to our country, ISIS. ISIS is now one of the biggest terrorist groups, known for their gruesome tortures and murders to their prisoners. The US isn’t paying enough attention to a huge threat to our country, sending only a few hundred troops to Syria. “...and approximately 500 US service members who will serve mainly in a logistical capacity in Syria” (Lunn, 1). This shows that the government isn’t showing enough attention to ISIS, and not sending nearly enough troops to stop them. Also, many people are joining the terrorist group from the US, therefore expanding ISIS.  “The world knows ISIS fighters from their horrific acts of terrorism and brutal propaganda videos, in which masked men appear on a foreign landscape and execute their victims. But there is another side to the ISIS menace, hidden in the most familiar of places: American cities and suburbs, where recruits live among unsuspecting relatives and neighbors, communicating with the terror group through social media" (NBC news, 1). This proves that there are many people that are joining ISIS, and that we need to do something about it. These problems need to be fixed and the government needs to show more attention to terrorism. Most people in ISIS are from Syria, and less than 1% of people in ISIS are from the US, and if ISIS wasn’t prevalent, there definitely wouldn’t be many terrorist attacks, according to the previous facts/statistics. NEED NEW evidence Most people who have joined the terrorist group would not have if they had higher consequences for joining.

 What you have to do is to make shutting down terrorist groups your top priority, and to send more troops to Syria to stop the group. These problems mostly connect to Global Goal #16, which is for Peace and Justice. This connects to the Global Goal, because everyone deserves peace and justice, and ISIS is not following this goal. This should be a priority of yours, because there have been many US deaths, and there can't be more.

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