Jack F. Minnesota

Gun Violence Letter to President

Gun violence is an epidemic in the United Sates and needs to get put under control. Millions have died over the years from people having access to powerful weapons that only serve as two purposes. People can either do target practice with these guns or use them on humans. We need to crack down on Gun control and make these guns very unaccessible to the public.

Dear President:

Gun violence is a worldwide epidemic that has affected lives for centuries. Ever since guns were invented they have served nothing as a killing machine. Gun violence is an issue important to me because it ends millions of lives every year. I think we should make a stand and make it harder to possess and buy guns. We should as a nation lockdown on gun control and lock down on gun laws.

Gun Violence have destroyed lives, families, and hearts and we need to make a stand. We need to lockdown on gun control and control the disasters that affect the United States as a whole. The government needs to pass laws about buying certain guns. People shouldn’t be able to go out and buy a semi automatic assault rifle and certain hand guns. None of these guns are meant to kill animals, the only purpose for these types of weapons is for killing humans. In the article “ The Battle Over Gun Control” by Kirsten Spall it states, “ The U.S. has the highest gun ownership rate in the world and the highest gun violence rate of any wealthy nation.” This means that there are a lot guns out there and we should limit the purchase of certain types of them. This violence is coming from guns that aren't meant for hunting animals but to enforce on humans. Semi automatic handguns and assault rifles shouldn't be an option to purchase anymore. Gun control should consider completely banning some guns for the safety of civilians.

Gun laws should be enforced strictly on the purchasing of guns. With these guns still available it should be harder to purchase them. Background checks should be more lengthy and these guns should go for more so the mentally ill can't purchase them without a lot of money. Not having enough information on someone can lead to these guns getting into the wrong hands. Mass shootings are the effect of some of these guns being purchases by the wrong people. “ In the last 30 years, there have been at least 62 mass shootings in 30 states. 25 have occurred since 2006. “ This quote from the article “The Battle Over Gun Control”, shows how bad it is having these guns and them getting into the wrong hands. Shootings in the Colorado movie theater and the Newtown school show why we can let these guns into certain people's hands. Both the killers James Holmes and Adam Lanza were both mentally disturbed and were able to get there hands on very deadly weapons killing many people. These guns should only be used in warfare not to create terror and chaos in America. Every mass shooting affects everyone worldwide and makes many consider how safe this world is anymore. We need extra checks and security when buying these guns so they don't end up with the wrong people.

There are also groups that oppose my request like people who are strong believers in the second amendment and the NRA. One of groups preventing some of these gun controls laws from being passed is the National Rifle Association. The National Rifle Association advocates for gun rights and is a huge part in why gun control isn’t as strict as it should be after all these killings. Modifying some of these rules is hard because in the second amendment its states, “ The constitutional right to bear arms and protect oneself vs. an effort to reduce violence. ” Even though people can carry guns for self protection people can also use them violently as easy. We need to find a way to modify around some of the rules in the constitution that will limit gun violence. These groups need to recognize that them being able to go shoot rifles somewhere is less important than all these killings. In an article named “America’s Gun Problem”, it explains that “After every single mass or school shooting, there's a call for more gun control.” Nothing is done to change this issue except send our condolences out to the victims and their families. We need to limit the purchase of these weapons while protecting people's rights at the same. With how loose laws are and with there being more guns there will be a lot more crime. The opposing groups advocating for gun control need to realize the tragedies these guns create.

As an independent nation we should limit certain purchases of guns and the people who buy them. Certain guns like AR’s, glocks, and other high powered weapons shouldn't be purchasable. Extra background checks and precautions should be made to make sure the guns don't end up in the wrong hands. We need to protect the people and by doing this we can limit the violence that occurs. We need to take a serious aggressive approach as this is a huge problem that needs to be focused on.