Dakota New York

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Never let drugs and alcohol abuse control you and don't let it change who you are.

Dear next President,

The main thing, is to not ever let drugs and alcohol abuse control you or take advantage of your life. Physical abuse in the household can cause people to start abusing drugs. The worst thing to do is have children around when you are abusing drugs. Using drugs causes people to act negatively which is not good for children. The effect that drugs can have on people is that it changes them. And the cause of it are of course from drugs and alcohol and when it takes over, it’s hard to stop and change it around.  It kills way more than 200,000 people worldwide each year. So as you are our future President, I hope you can stop the biggest problem in society which is drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol abuse are really at the top 10 that are bringing this world apart, and it's leading us to a lot of pain because of the lives that will be taken away from us.  The best thing is to stay away and stop drugs and alcohol abuse.




Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

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