Max S. Minnesota

The Traits of a President

What a president should be and how they should act as they look at education, gun control, and minor group decisions.

Dear future president,

Our future as Americans directly depends on you and what you will do in office. Your decisions will affect all the people of America. Your decisions may cause death or survival all across the globe. Because of these things, I ask you to be wise and think about the things you doing. I also ask you to be loyal and take into consideration what our founding fathers wanted in our new American nation. When making these decisions, stay calm, unstressed and basically try to make America as great as possible. I request that you will do these things with common sense and knowledge.

When making important decisions about different people, try to do what is best for America. Don't bring your personal views into decisions that will affect millions of people. If you make decisions, put yourself into the people's shoes and try to think about how they will be affected. These people you should remember include African Americans, Mexicans, Transgenders, abortionists, and people from other geographical areas of the world. The United States 2016 census proves to us that these groups make up about 35% of America’s population. Because these people make up a vast majority of the United States, a good amount of each most likely voted for you to be president. If those people would suffer greatly from your decisions, help them by doing the right thing.

As a student myself, I ask you to help schools and all American children by improving the quality of struggling schools all across America. Just because the people in a town are poor and don't have millions of dollars, try to help them by spreading out money to those schools that have limited space and supplies. Support the constitution by helping poor communities get a good, free education that is going to help those children get a job in their future. Statics show that around 40 percent of adults had a full high school level degree in the 1960s. Today, over 95% of American adults have obtained one today. I would like you as president to help this number grow and reach one hundred. To add to this, studies show us that 60% of jobs in America need college degrees. If college is easier to get in poor communities, it can drastically change those people's future and their ability to provide for a family.

The last issue I wish you would help America on is gun control. As an avid hunter, I support the second amendment and the right to own a firearm. I believe, as do a good amount of Americans, that American citizens should be allowed to own a gun either for hunting or defense purposes. Surveys by showed that only 10% of criminals bought their weapon legally while the other 90% got their weapons from other people or the black market. Before limiting or extending gun control, I ask you to think about all of the Americans who use firearms correctly and how they will be affected. To end, I again hope that you will base your decisions off the good of the people.


Max Salzer