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Cost of College

Benefits of reducing college costs

November 1, 2016

Dear Mr./Madam president,

One of the biggest problems for our country is finding affordable tuition for college. My own family is constantly having to think about different ways of saving money to be able to pay for college for three kids. Based on my experiences and various studies, college tuition should be more affordable for all social classes. Cheaper college tuition will help with making the economy better for the future and make the general public more educated.

Allowing a higher population of the country to be educated will make the average person more knowledgeable. According to, “only 66% of students with parents very concerned about finances applied to college, as opposed to the 90% of students whose parents are not concerned with finances”. This data shows that the primary reason students aren’t applying for college is not being able to afford it, and one of the biggest issues is tuition is still rising. In fact, at the rate tuition is rising only the financial elite will be able to afford college in the future. According to, the annual tuition cost at Harvard in 2013 was “45,278, more than 17 times the 1971-72 cost”. If tuition costs kept rising at this rate, the cost of tuition in the year 2045 would be 769,726. That is an astronomical figure that the US must figure out how to lower.

Having cheaper college for our country will also help with the American economy. A more educated work force will result in an increase in people with jobs and a decrease in unemployment. According to the, in 2011, “9.4% of people with only a high school diploma were unemployed as opposed to only 4.9% for people with a bachelor’s degree”. This shows that getting a college education and earning a degree will massively help people’s chances of getting a job. The more people the US has working the more productive the economy will be. Getting cheaper education will not only get more people educated and create more jobs but it will also help America’s consumer based economy. According to “40% of young adults delay buying a home bceuase of debt”. This delay in home buying also leads to a delay in health and dental care, with a reported 27% of college graduates delaying. This could end up harming real estate agencies and dental clinics which does not help the economy. Cheaper tuition prices will help eliminate the debt many young adults have and allow them to seek these accomadies.

Lowering the cost of college for every social class will result in a more educated work force and reinforce the American economy from the ground up. Solving this issue will help millions of young adults applying for college every year.



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