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Gun control

Need to Increase regulations on guns

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I am sure you have seen all the attention guns and gun control has been receiving, lately in the press. There will not be an end to this conversation if nothing is done. There has been many awful mass shootings and people killed because of unstable people. But the vast majority of gun owners are smart and very safe with their firearms. This topic is important to me because I, myself and my father both own guns and we love to go to my cabin and hunt. This debate will keep going on until someone makes a decision. You should increase regulations on guns and gun owners in the United States but maintain our fundamental right to bear arms.

Guns have been a crucial item in the average American's life since 1776, when our country was founded. They have provided a sense of safety and protection to most owners but now have caused much speculation on how much safer people really are with guns. America is very unique in the sense that Americans have much easier access to firearms. This easy access allows most people to be able to purchase a gun. With such easy access, it is bound to have many people own guns that shouldn't. In an article published by Vox it states that, “More guns, means more gun deaths. Period,”(Lopez). There is a lot of truth to this statement. The more guns that are put into the average American's hands, the greater chances of one of those people being mentally ill or using that weapon for harming others instead of protection. Show just how many guns Americans really have, Lopez explains that “America is about 4.43 percent of the world's total population, yet has roughly 42 percent of privately owned guns.” This statistic goes to show how in America gun ownership can become excessive. By all these guns being sold around America it allows them to fall into the wrong hands quite easily, thus causing awful shootings.

Guns are very violent items, that can be used to kill or severely harm individuals. By promoting the sale of all these weapons, it also promotes violence. The United States, “has nearly sixteen times the amount of homicides than Germany,”(Lopez). This massive difference in deaths between both countries means one isn't more violent than the other, it means that one has much more harmful weapons that only gives you one chance. By Americans owning firearms it excels the violence to escalate very quickly. In a PBS documentary, The Sanctity of Life, it describes how “People with guns feel as though they have the right to kill when they feel threatened.” She later describes how it isn't a matter of being against guns but simply a matter of being pro-life. This false acquisition indeed promotes the idea of violence escalating and the unclear line of when it is okay to pull the trigger and when it isn't. I agree with the woman, that the access to guns is only tarnishing our society and


On the other hand, many people say that it is every American's right to own a gun. That is true. In the constitution it states in the second amendment, the right to bear arms. The problem with that argument is when that owner becomes a danger to society. For example, should an ex convict be able to walk into a gun store and purchase a gun as easily as someone with a clean record? Situations like these is where the laws need to be changed. Regarding the Orlando shooting, a man who killed over fifty people walked into a gun store and bought a gun, following all the rules. Turns out after the massacre, there were reports that this man has had several accounts of racist acts and warrants. I agree that the right to bear arms is a right to have, but now a days there needs to be regulations put on these shops to stop these awful happenings.

By putting restrictions on the sale of guns, it will make a much safer environment to all of society. Reducing the number of guns sold and not allowing violence to escalate as quickly will save lives. These hopes will not become a reality without your help. Regulating the gun sales in America, by selling them to people fit for the responsibility it takes will not only help increase life expectancies, but also create an even brighter image of the great United States of America.



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