Jamie Minnesota

Global warming

Global warming is a serious issue and is happening right now and will only get worse over time. Global warming will and is effecting lives of humans and animals all over the world.

Jamie Barnes

Climate Change a Global Issue

Dear president the issue I believe needs to be acted on is Global warming and climate change because it's a very serious issue now and will only get worse if nothing is done to help resolve it or to attempt to prevent it. This issue is important to me because it not only will effect me but it will affect the future generation of humans from everywhere on earth. However some solutions to global warming is through the use of solar panels and other mean of energy that is eco friendly. Also by paying attention about how much carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere.

The first reason why global warming and climate change is such a serious problem is because the global temperature is consistently rising. Because of the rising temperatures it is affecting the oceans, the weather, and the Arctic glaciers. According to NASA the global temperatures are rising and the average global temperature has been consistently rising. NASA’s data showed that the global temperature in 2015 was at its highest since 1884. One of the main reasons that Global warming is occurring is because of humans. Humans are to blame because as technology has advanced we use more carbon dioxide which is over ¾ of the greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. Humans are creating more greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees. One person who strongly believes in global warming and climate change is Bill Nye. In an interview with national geographic Bill Nye addresses that “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.” Another piece of evidence that humans are to blame and that global warming is being caused is that according to ARM climate researchers humans emit around 7100 million tonnes (1000 kg=1tonne) per year. Some simple solutions to the amount of carbon dioxide is electric powered machinery and technology. Another very popular solution is the use of solar panels as a primary use of power because it's a free natural way to get energy. Finally the issue of global warming is a result of humans not being careful about what we put in the air. Which will have negative repercussions for the whole world in the future. Through the emission of greenhouse gases

Global warming is a very serious issue because of it is affecting the oceans and the species that rely on a certain temperature. Some evidence that global warming is affecting the oceans is that according to research US EPA and NASA the ocean has risen 7-9 inches in the past century. This will affect humans because it will cause more flooding in countries and states that are situated closer to sea level such as Florida and Italy. Global warming is also affecting oceans by contaminating them through the use of carbon dioxide and the emission of greenhouse gases. This will mainly affect the animals in the ocean because the the contamination will end up poisoning them and ruining their homes. Another example of the oceans diverse ecosystem dying due to global warming and ocean acidification is the coral reefs. Famous marine biologist Sylvia Earle states “Some experts look at global warming, increased world temperature, as the critical tipping point that is causing a crash in coral reef health around the world. And there's no question that it is a factor, but it's preceded by the loss of resilience and degradation.” My reaction to Sylvia's quote is that she is correct that the health of the coral reefs have drastically worsened. One main point of evidence of this is The Great Barrier Reef which is a reef of the coast of Australia that is home to over 1,500 types of fish, over ⅓ of the world's soft coral, over 130 types of rays and sharks, over 30 species of marine mammals, and finally 6/7 of the world's threatened marine turtles. My thoughts on the evidence is that the world need to take this issue more seriously and stop worrying if it will cost millions because if we are willing to spend millions to billions on sports, we as people should invest a lot more on the environment and help preserve the earth for the future generations. Finally a perfect quote for the situation of global warming is Patrick Henry's “Give me Liberty or give me death” speech where Patrick states “We are apt to shut our eyes against the painful truth.” So I strongly believe people need to act on the negative repercussions of global warming especially the issue of our total greenhouse gases emitted by people in the U.S.A. And the world because it will hurt us now and even worse in the future. It also is affecting the whole earth’s ecosystem.

Although there is a lot of evidence that demonstrates that global warming is occurring and is a real issue there are still people who say it's just a coincidence or it doesn't exist. One main example of this is the comments made by Donald trump that states “Climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.” Another main example of people not believing in global warming is over 50% of republicans and some stating in an interview with huffington post stating “There isn't enough solid evidence.” My response to those who don't believe in global warming is that over 95% climatologists and other respected scientist and environmentalists strongly believe in global warming. Another piece of evidence I'd respond with is that due to carbon dioxide emitted by humans the temperature in the oceans and air have significantly increased and due to the fluctuation in temperature the Arctic has lost over40% of its original land mass it had in the 1980’s. Another piece of evidence that global warming is occurring is that the total emission of greenhouse gases is at one of its highest points and the average temperature of the world is at its highest since the 1800’s according to the data recorded by NASA scientists. I think people need to take serious action about global warming because there is very clear evidence showing that global warming is occurring and is just going to get worse over time if nothing is done to prevent it from getting worse. Finally evidence clearly shows that global warming is happening due to its effect on the arctic and the temperature of the oceans and the air constantly rising. Lastly over 95% of scientist believe that global warming is happening and is a serious issue for the present day and for the future. Evidently clear through the changes in the arctic’s land mass.

In conclusion the issue of Global warming is a very serious danger to the future of humanity and to the future of the whole earth ecosystem. Data from environmentalists and scientist of climatology and other similar fields of study evidently show the progression of the world's temperature constantly increasing. Evidence also displays the negative repercussions global warming is causing to the animals living in the oceans and all around the world due to their environment changing. The main reason why global warming is happening is due to humans and the total greenhouse gases emitted into the earth's atmosphere which significantly affects the world for the worse. However a few simple solutions to preventing global warming from getting worse is by using other methods of using energy. One simple idea for an alternative power source is the use of solar panels. Another very simple solution is to pay attention to the amount of carbon dioxide you use and emit. Lastly I strongly believe that the issue of global warming is happening through the evidence and data shown here and through the data found by scientist and other respected environmentalists. Now that you've read this i want you to put something into action that can help prevent global warming from getting worse.