Mitch K. Minnesota

Letter to the president

The federal government should raise the national Minimum Wage.

Dear future President,

Many young people and families are working for very low rates to make a living for themselves and the ones they love. Throughout the United States employees and companies pay and get payed minimum wage which is at $7.25 per hour. I believe that the federal government should raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. Raising the minimum wage not only can reduce poverty in the lower classes, but it will provide better opportunities for government parties and social classes, also raising the minimum wage does not affect the working employment rate. In total raising the minimum wage creates a better working environment for employees and makes a more competitive culture.

Poverty within the United States is a large problem, one way to help lower the rate is by raising the minimum wage. The way raising the minimum wage decreases the poverty rate is by giving people the opportunity for a higher paying job and more success for a further career and life. A testimony by an Executive Director and Chief Economist stated, “Economic research points to the conclusion that a higher minimum wage boosts productivity and addresses the growing problem of rising income inequality”(Boushey 1). Research has shown that increasing the minimum wage has a positive impact and that it can improve the inequality between the social classes. This is just one example of how raising the minimum wage can have a positive impact and is a great idea for the economic decisions throughout the United States.

Throughout the government there are multiple different opinions based on the minimum wage. But the Democratic Party thinks that the federal government should mostly raise the minimum wage. As where the Republican Party has less people on board to extend the minimum wage. A poll ran in a study of the American people's opinions showed, “The poll found that 86% of Democrats, 50% of Republicans, and 76% of independents were in favor, and 67% of men and 75% of women were in favor” ( ProCon, 1). These statistics show that most people are in favor of raising the minimum wage, and they believe it will help them in the future. With others opinions showed throughout the society it is more impactful for showing that it is in need of a change.

Some people believe that raising a higher minimum wage can lead to a higher unemployment rate, some people believe this to be true as others find it misleading. Most of the information found that it can lower unemployment rate is based on “rhetoric and ideology”, where people just assume and use common sense rather than looking at the actual facts and statistics. A study based on the effect of minimum wage based on employment showed that, “throughout the study there was little to no evidence that a higher minimum related to a higher unemployment” (Citizen Tools, 2:20). This is showing that with raising the minimum wage has little to know impact of employees and most people make assumptions. Mostly people's opinions swing with higher more controlling groups and what they believe to be best and most popular thing to do.

Throughout the USA many states enforce the federal minimum wage, but also a couple don't. I believe that the minimum wage should be increased, with the increase it will bring more productivity, and job competition, and it is what the people want. From trying to raise a young family on a starting job or a teen trying to better their future with work raising the minimum wage creates a large helpful impact.

Thank you for reading, Sincerely 


MHS English - Reidy

En 10 - 4th Period

Mr. Hager & Mrs. Reidy's 3rd Period 10th Grade English Class.

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