Sefrent Wisconsin

Increasing Unemployment

Increasing production, power, and unemployment we help the economy grow further than what we expect!

Dear President,

Hi! It’s me! A random stranger! I have been thinking about the unemployment rate in the United States. It’s recorded at 5 percent in April 2016! That’s pretty low and I suggest raising it higher. Let’s look at reality: we can never put all the able work bodies into the workforce, some are too old to work, some are too young and some are just plain lazy! Why not let robotics take the workforce and let the people relax? It’s not like they can revolutionize and revolt like in the movies (Terminator) and they’re certainly not deadly, at least when safety is the top priority along with production and power supply.

Finding a problem with this? Money is a big issue, if people want to work, they can work. That’s the deal in America, if people don’t want to work, then why let them have money? Robotics makes efficient generic goods faster than what humans can do with their hands, all we need to do is somehow produce the large energy consumption and food/ water demands. Since 2015, we only operated thirty power plants, not much and many environmental activists will say this will damage the environment! This is true, but it’s a better alternative option to using oil. The thirty power plants nearly power 20% of Americans energy consumption every day, 797.2 billion kilowatts is being generated per hour.

People that work and being displaced by their robotic counterpart can shift their old focus to a new one, maintaining and overlooking robotics, farming, water supplies and much more. There are more than thousands of jobs to do including less famous ones. “Hey! I don’t want to learn something new, but I also need money!” If you don’t want to learn anything new and nothing outside your comfort zone, then sit back and relax as your money flows away.