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Womens Equality in Todays Society

Women equality by definition means "socioeconomic, political, and legal rights for women equal or equivalent to those of men." This problem is occurring all over the world and hopefully with your help we can make it better or stop it all together.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,  

     Women all around the world are struggling to be accepted in today’s society, they are thought of less than a man. Now people are starting to realize that it is wrong to judge someone based on their race, gender, religion, etc. But, still people continue to ignore the problem. They are hesitant to stand up for what they believe in and they end up just leaving it be and not doing anything to help because, they are unsure how to deal with the problem. We have the chance to change how women are treated. Now that you are in the White House, you have a chance to make a difference and move this forward.

     Women are stereotyped into jobs and what they are able to do because, they are a girl. They are told that, “you can’t do that, you’re just a girl.” They are stereotyped into jobs like staying home to raise the children, cleaning the house, or making dinner when their husband come home from working. Women are thought to be weak and stupid. Some men believe women will never be capable of the same tasks as men.

     The history of women getting treated differently than men has been going on all through history. Before 1920 women didn’t have the right to vote but, then they stood up for themselves and fought for the right to vote. Eventually laws passed and women got the right to vote. Sadly, in today’s society it's not just about voting anymore there are many other things that women still don’t get. Unfortunately, women continue to fight for their rights, they fight for equal pay, and equality in day to day life.

     Women’s equality is more than just being called names or being told that you can’t do something. It is how women are treated, like in the workplace a women is paid less than a man. Even though, the man and the women are doing the same job, the man is still paid more. Also “98 million girls are not in school,” ( says without girls being educated they aren’t getting the fair opportunity that they deserve. Girls all over the world are forced to work instead of going to school and getting a good education. Without an education they won’t be able to voice their opinions or get jobs because, of this. The USAID says that “for societies to thrive, women and girls must have access to education, healthcare, and technology.” Now it’s time to take a step forward to help women get treated the same as men.  

    Without all these girls going to school, there ideas won't ever be discovered. "When women succeed, nations are more safe, more secure, and more prosperous." (Said President Barack Obama)  Some men are starting to stand up for women. There are many organization to help fight for women's equality. Women's equality even has a day designated for it, Women's Equality Day is on August 26th of each year. This day gives us a chance to realize how far women have come in getting rights but, also how far they still have to come to be treated equal to men. With your help we could have laws being passed saying that women should be paid the same as a man and that a women can't be turned down for a job. Just this little step forward would help women be one step closer to being equal to a man. This is your hands now, and I hope you decide that this a serious issue that is happening in our society. Thank you for your time to read this letter and my thoughts on this issue. I hope that you will take this problem into consideration. 


Cloe S. 

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