Jaszmine R. Pennsylvania

Letter To Next President

On how immigration is being handled and other situations

To whom this may concern,

Hello, how are you? I am writing this letter to inform you of my opinion on how immigration is being handled and other situations. Lets first touch base on immigration. I believe that immigration is something that has been occurring for a long time and things are only going to get worst. So many people are told that they can come here and get all the freedom they want and when they get here they receive nothing. If they are going to come and receive nothing that perspective and vision should be changed. Also we can’t keep allowing people to come over, get jobs and homes when citizens here don’t even have jobs or government assistance. Numbers have shown that the unemployment rate of the united states is least 4.9%. How could we possibly help immigrants when citizens can’t get jobs.

I feel as if we have to help ourselves before we can help someone else. Bringing new people over here would be increasing a population and we don't need that right now. When people who need jobs and government assistance that are citizens get that help first then we can help others because all of these people being here for nothing is simply taking up space that we don’t have. A citizens are supposed to be offered lots of things and with a large population how could possibly fulfill the needs of our citizens and others.

American perspectives on immigration changed over time. Some for the better but most Americans changed for the worst. The reason why most of them are changing for the worst because most Americans felt as if they were losing things due to the population. They were losing access to some assistance programs, money cause they were paying more taxes and other things to support people.

However I think that a citizen test that takes place is helpful because it allows us to see what people really want to become citizens. We don’t have enough space for people that don’t really want to be here or people that don’t necessarily have any plans when they come over here. If they are coming over to just get supported by the government they shouldn’t be able to come over.

Another thing I want to touch base on is how more jails are being built then schools. Money has been put towards building new jails and other correctional facilities. Schools are closing every day and more jails are opening. Why is that? How is jail and other correctional facilities more important than one's education. Without an education, someone can’t be successful. Everything someone learns in school can be used in the future. Towards a future career and without a good education it can affect the future negatively. If someone was to have a lack of knowledge they will go around and do what they think is the right thing. Education is a key essential. It can make or break someone in the long run.

We as citizens are paying taxes to better our education system along with other things and it seems as if it is getting worst. We are loosing art/ music programs, staffs, school buildings and some teachers don’t even care enough anymore. This isn’t going to help prepare people for the future.

I have researched , looked at and read over multiple historical evidences to prove, support my reasoning for my concerns and comments on immigration. The immigration political cartoons I observed showed that most citizens were against immigration , and were scared for them to come over. Mainly because of the large population and the stereotypes that were set and said about those people. The citizenship test ask some questions that citizens don’t even know the answer too however it only allows people in that honestly want to be citizens. That’s a good idea because since everyone can’t answer or score well they all won’t try to come over. Lastly the reading on the history of immigration policy and immigration today allowed me to get actual status on immigration, how immigration started and how it affected the us. All of these sources and historical evidences support my comments and concerns on immigration and they all affect my thoughts. 

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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